This is a brief summary of planned functionality that will be implemented in the future releases. Feel free to sugest any improvements or ideas to the list below.

Version 0.2 Beta
  1. Progress Bar when connecting to Distributor (Allow to cancel when connecting) (#001)
  2. When adding distributor maintain what is already expanded. (#002)
  3. Problems with entering text in Connection Dialog and focus on Combobox Server list. (#003 - theme related)
  4. For distributor server display versions/builds (@@VERSION output) (#004)
  5. For distributor server build version (#005)
  6. Show Compatibility level of distribution database (#006)
  7. Display AutoUpdateStatistics settings for distribution database (#007)
  8. Read distribution database properties - Multiple distribution database files are not displayed correctly, should be changed to display multiple files. Distribution database has mutliple transaction log and data files (how this will be displayed on the property panel) (#008)
  9. Display distributor's time zone
  10. Display error log for distributor including last 50 errors, errors from last 48h, errors by commands, errors by publishers.
  11. Export error log to Excel file
  12. Reports and Charts for publication
    1. Number of transactions / per day
    2. Number of transactions / per time of the day
    3. TOP 20 Transactions / per command count
    4. Single Transaction overview (commands listing)
  13. Allow copy of properties to a clipboard (from toolbar)
  14. Allow copy of tabular data to a clipboard (from toolbar)
  15. Introduce simple and full view of properties
  16. Distribution database snapshot export (Export to the Excel file for analysis all replication information) - Check data collection script
  17. Context menu from Dist db + Command Searching Dialog - Troubleshooting with enhanced metadata view
  18. Display loading icon when loading subscriptions/publications etc.
  19. Extra publications properties
  20. Display publication types icons for Snapshot, Transactional and Merge
  21. Display Publication access list for publication
  22. Display Articles for publication
  23. Display trace tokens for publication
  24. Extra subscriptions properties
  25. SQL Server Agent jobs on Distributor (status, last execution, etc if permissions allow) - The JOB name has the server name, the database name and the publication name.
  26. Sql Server Agent service status (if it's running ?)
  27. Distribution database properties - Cleanup Jobs execution times
  28. View LR, Dist Agent job history on the distributor if possible.
  29. Tools -> Options (timeout settings for Queries and Server connections etc)
  30. Restore to defaults settings in Options dialog
  31. New version available checking (configurable through options dialog)

Version 0.3 Beta
  1. Copy information content to clipboard
  2. Check .NET Framework 4/3.5 Client Profile support
  3. ClickOnce deployment from
  4. Allow article validation
  5. Agents listing for publication/subscription (status of agents)
  6. Agent profiles (distribution agent, log reader agent, merge agent ?)
  7. Display errors that occured on agents (subscriptions)
  8. AutoUpdater
  9. Show Compatibility level of publication database
  10. Saving Splitter position user settings
  11. View / Hide StatusBar and ToolBar and save it to user settings
  12. Refresh all nodes working + dynamic Context Menu on Object explorer (Refresh),
  13. Error handling (commands timeouts, NULL values not handled by code, type conversion) is not implemented, how to recover gracefully.

Version 1.0 Stable
  1. Topology view allows selecting mutliple dystrybutors and displays subscriber/publisher/distributor dependencies.
  2. Topology view export to JPEG.
  3. Register domain
  4. Allow troubleshooting latency without access to Distributor database -
  5. Post TracerToken to monitor SQL Transactional Replication.

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DougIvison Mar 3, 2013 at 10:28 PM 
It's been a while, so I don't know if you're still considering more work on this...
... but since you asked for comments here... so of the above that seemed MOST valuable:

Version 0.2 Beta
10) Display error log for distributor Including last 50 errors, errors from last 48 hours, errors to commands, errors by publishers.
12) Reports and Charts for publication
1) Number of transactions / per day
2) Number of transactions / per time of the day
3) TOP 20 Transactions / count per command
4) Single Transaction overview (commands listing)
Version 0.3 Beta
7) Display errors that occured on agents (subscriptions)

And suggestions:
--show the number of undistributed commands.
--I don't even know if this can be done: in the case of failure status, show the undistributed command that replication is failing on... or, at least, the oldest undistributed command.