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Project Description
SQL Server Replication Explorer is a client tool for browsing through SQL Server replication topology. It can also be used for troubleshooting and monitoring of the SQL Server replication.

Powered by: Maksymilian Mulawa

 Replication Explorer


How it works

This tool lets you browse through some of the Microsoft SQL Server Replication objects such as Publications, Distribution databases. Replication Explorer relies only on accessing Distribution databases in a read-only way, so there is no dependency on libraries such as RMO.

How to use it

Connect Replication Explorer to the Distributor server and view replication related data stored in local distribution databases. To be able to browse replication objects you need to be at least member of replmonitor database role on Distribution database.


  • Simple GUI to navigate Replication topology
  • View information about Publication and their Subscribers
  • View information about Distributor, Distribution databases and Publisher servers


  1. Download ReplicationExplorer
  2. Unzip it to local folder on your workstation.
  3. Run ReplicationExplorer.exe


  1. Operating Systems
    1. Tested on Windows 7, Windows XP SP3, Windows 2008 but should also work on Windows Vista and Windows 2003
  2. Software
    1. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 + Service Pack 1 and higher is required to run Replication Explorer
  3. Supported version (Replication Explorer can browse instances running on)
    1. SQL Server 2005
    2. SQL Server 2008
    3. SQL Server 2008 R2


New BSD License (BSD)

Feedback appreciated on future  Feature Roadmap.



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